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Why we Exist

At Innovative Wellness,
we recognize that in order to make a difference,
a program is needed which encompasses all of you...
physical, mental and emotional.

To meet all these needs,
we offer a comprehensive program; one that
restores, restructures, rejuvenates and rebalances.
Click here to learn about the four pillars of our program.

Vision Statement

Provide the opportunity to experience improved health and greater happiness by restoring the Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit for All.

Mission Statement

Provide our clients the opportunity to experience improved health by implementing a comprehensive program to enhance their cognitive, physical and emotional well-being through Neuro Rejuvenation, Brain Optimization and the Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Why you Need Us

Restore mental clarity

You aren't quite as alert or lucid as you used to be.

Improve your overall health

You have lingering health issues that prevent you from living the life you want to live.

Release emotional and physical pain

You experienced a traumatic event and are haunted by emotional scars or physical pain.

Deal with behavioral disorders

You want to move forward but you're stuck in the same pattern.

Address cravings

You want to quit but traditional methods have failed.


How we Can Help

Quite simply, we treat the brain.

Our individualized treatment plans help rejuvenate and rebalance your brain function.